Sound Icon’s Upcoming Season: Selected Listening

Sound Icon will be announcing it’s 2012/13 seasons shortly, and I would like to offer some selected listening from the repertoire we’ll be presenting. I am extraordinarily excited about offering these pieces this season!

Also, Christian Gentry interviewed me for the excellent blog I Care if You listen. We spoke about many topics relating to Sound Icon’s work. You can read the article HERE.

Please also check back here soon; within the next couple days, I will post the first of two articles discussing the two sections of darkness in Georg Friedrich Haas’ In Vain. After Sound Icon’s performance last season, I was frequently asked about various logistical and musical issues with those portions of the work, especially in regards to the section of complete blackout. I hope the articles will address those queries, and then some!


Gerard Grisey’s Quatre chants pour franchir le seuil

Grisey’s last work and masterpiece, Quatre Chants, stands as one of the most compelling pieces from recent decades, and arguably one of the finest works for voice and ensemble. Soprano Jane Sheldon will join us to sing this opulent, seminal work.

Stefano Gervasoni’s Epicadenza

Sound Icon will perform this work for solo percussion and ensemble in March of 2013, featuring our own Mike Williams as soloist. The work also features a prominent Cimbalom part (performed by Nicholas Tolle) in the ensemble that acts as a foil to the soloist. Epicadenza is a work of subtle, Italianate beauty, and demands the soloist to engage in an act of choreographed virtuosity, navigating a sizeable and highly unusual percussion setup with grace.

Georg Friedrich Haas’ …und…

Like many of Haas’ works, …und… explores the relationship between the visual and aural senses.  It is a major work for ensemble and electronics.  Like In Vain, it has a period of complete darkness, in which the electronic part provides aural cues for the ensemble. It also resembles In Vain in that it is a work displaying astonishing invention and visceral beauty. Sound Icon’s performance of this in November will be the US premiere.

Olga Neuwirth’s Torsion

Sound Icon’s own Chris Watford will perform as soloist in this piece for bassoon and ensemble. Torsion presents an alien sound-world for the soloist, utilizing unusually complex and closely-voiced multiphonics that are particular to the bassoon. The ripieno provides an indistinct, placid canvas for the soloist to athletically traverse.

These works represent only a small sampling of what we will offer this season. Please check  soon for our complete season listing! And please visit this blog again in a few days to read new articles!


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