I am a conductor of contemporary music based in Boston, MA. You can learn more about what I do by visiting my professional website: www.jeffreymeans.com.

This blog has a few aims, which I would summarize as follows:

  • To spread familiarity of great contemporary music that is rarely heard live
  • To discuss issues of performing contemporary music that I’ve happened upon during my conducting activities
  • To disseminate my opinions on contemporary music and anything related to it

Aside from this, it is likely that ruminations about my other interests (typography, film, craft beers) will find their way to these pages.

I’ve come to believe that the blogosphere is fertile with information and commentary that is provided by people who are legitimately knowledgeable and experienced.  Blogs have afforded people with professional expertise an appropriate opportunity to share their ideas and passions in a medium that is flexible and easily accessible.

I am proud to say that contemporary music is my field of expertise, and I am grateful to live in an age in which there is both extraordinary musical invention, and an opportunity for me to share what I know of it with others.


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