Ear Candy

My favorite Xenakis piece (which is saying a lot): La Legende D’Eer. It is a 45 minute-long tape piece, and , for me, is an absolutely enthralling listening experience. This work has an amazing sense of pacing and continuity of form that I find strangely lacking in much of Xenakis’ output. Don’t get me wrong, though; I love Xenakis! It’s fantastic if you can set aside 45 minutes to listen to this work in it’s entirety.

Tristan Murai’s Tellur for solo guitar. I was recently asked what three pieces I would like to have if I was stranded on a deserted island. I came up with two: the Goldberg Variations and this piece. (By the way, I hope you can listen to all of these with decent headphones, and Tellur in particular would benefit from this.)

Salvatore Sciarrino’s Efebo con Radio for soprano and orchestra. Sciarrino has a number of remarkable works for large ensembles, and this  is one of his finest.  The piece is intended to sound like someone turning the station knob on a radio: a concept that perhaps only Sciarrino could make legitimate and hauntingly beautiful.

Georg Friedrich Haas’ Hyperion for large orchestra and light show. Premiered at the  Donaueschingen Festival in 2006. I hope we can one day experience this piece live in the US.

Stille und Umkehr (1970), Bernd Alois Zimmerman’s late masterpiece.


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